You play the leading role in our story— If we work together, share our knowledge, we shall succeed.

Vision Company was founded in 2010 by Ann De Muynck. Her passion? Vision Company. You know how that goes – blood, sweat and tears, but most of all, the passion and persistence day in and day out, the indestructible faith in the future, the products and the team. This ‘entrepreneurial spirit’ is nothing new to you.

In the beginning, the optical lens was our core business. The intense partnership with optoVision, the best German supplier of optical lenses, formed the basis of our successful start-up. The “eyeglass frames” department was established soon thereafter. Value-added products for the independent optician are a must for us. That is why we have chosen the brands TAVAT and MONOQOOL.

Until now (2018), Vision Company has mainly supplied you with products. However, Vision Company is more than that. We are entrepreneurs just like you, and since we always strive to provide you with solutions to help you succeed, we are your partner in every way. We offer marketing solutions and one-on-one coaching.

Your growth is our motivation. With Vision Company, we stand together in a market that is undergoing many changes. Together, we play on the same team: the no-nonsense team, the team that knows what it takes to successfully run a business. If we put our heads together and share our knowledge, we shall succeed.

Our team is ready to assist you! We will give you our best effort by telephone or in the shop for every special campaign you launch.

Ann De Muynck


Ann’s core-business is optoVision and optical lenses. Ann is generally at the office, working on the long-term vision of Vision Company. Our best clients can expect to see her out on the floor as part of the partnership.

Tine Leyn

Assistant business manager

Tine is the right hand of management and is responsible for supporting our clients and our sales team. You should also contact Tine for all your marketing questions regarding promotional campaigns, advertising dispensations and exhibitions, etc.

Britt Janda

Customer Support

Britt is our familiar voice on the phone. Britt is happy to answer all your calls every day, taking your orders and aswering all your questions about glass.

Lorenzo Van Camp

Customer support & marketing

Lorenzo supports the back office. He assists Britt with customer support and Tine with marketing.

Marthe Opbrouck

Customer support

Marthe is our administrative expert, she’ll support the back office as well.

Stijn Vaeyens

Account manager frames

Stijn's core-business is the TAVAT and Monoqool frames. He will tell you the story behind our brands with a lot of passion and conviction.

Elise Vandeursen

Advisor Optical Lenses

Elise is on the road every day to update opticians on all the news at Vision Company and optoVision. He is the familiar face for all opticians in Antwerp, Limburg and the Flemish part of Brabant.

Tine Feys

Advisor Optical Lenses

Tine rounds out our team. Tine is on the road with full enthusiasm with all details and news from Vision Company and optoVision. She is the familiar face for all opticians in West- and East Flanders.

Wild expectations.
To continue to exceed our customers’ wildest expectations in terms of quality, service and integrity, every member of our team strives for the highest values in everything he/she does and we continue to invest in the best technological products and processes. 

Courageous entrepreneurs.
Every day we work with our partners and our team unconditionally on the interests of the independent optician. We share entrepreneurship, the challenges, the risks, the courage, the tenacity and the victories. We want nothing less than to be a collaborative, supportive and loyal partner for our clients. We achieve this through a long-term vision, daily engagement, inspirational choices, and decisions made with integrity. 

We and your wings.
Our team gives you wings with extensive personal contact, our solution-oriented vision, the never-ending diligence and our unwavering enthusiasm in order to give you, dear client, the right solution. Our team is here for you, your shop and your customers!

We applaud you!
"Partnership" begins with listening to each other. It’s about growing towards each other and it exists because of the respect we have for one another. We at Vision Company look forward to your feedback. It shows your involvement and it enables us to develop ourselves further and to keep growing. Your feedback is valuable and brings us closer together. We would like to already thank you for that and for so much more. 

A picture is worth a 1000 words. We are here to help you with that picture – from brochures to stickers with a story.

We guide, coach and prepare you for today’s business world – fun sessions focused on your profession.