What a combination, Allan and Bettina Petersen, partners at home and at work, accompanied by the "company dog" Yuzu and their team. Each day, they can be found at their office the Danstuplund, in the middle of green, Danish nature. Innovation, comfort and service are their top priority. They are fully committed to the independent optician for the long-term. As true entrepreneurs, they know exactly what is necessary to make a business successful. Everything they offer is flawlessly made. The design of the models, the refined color pallet, the images and the POS materials for the shop. Our partnership with Monoqool is characterized by warmth, respect and entrepreneurship.  


Vision Company has been a TAVAT Eyewear agent for many years now. Father and daughter, Jeremy Baines and Roberta Baines, along with their team, fully support the TAVAT brand and the independent optician. Their goal is also to protect the optician against the impact of large chains. Jeremy was once an independent optician and he does everything within his power to make TAVAT a success. He works with the courageous support of his daughter, who is notorious for her many talents and is our rock and anchor in expanding TAVAT in Belgium.

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