• Monoqool:

    Introducing the new 'Capsule collection'

    Going avant garde.
    The 'Capsule collection' consists of 3 bold and brave styles showcasing what is possible with 3D printing.

  • Monoqool:

    The 'Wire' series and 'Petite' collection will be joined by some new sisters and brothers.   
    You can now choose from no less than 12 different Wire models and 8 smaller frames for smaller faces.

  • Munic Eyewear

    Under the motto: ‘Frame your personality’ Munic Eyewear brings a lot of new models on the market. Discover them now!


    TAVAT introduces a new high-end collection.
    Discover the statement Kafee-racers: a guarantee for the best protection!

  • The lens of the future.

    Is ultimate protection a key priority for you? Discover our Eyecare program. 

    The material in the lens contains a filter that blocks up to 420 nm of harmful and annoying blue light. This material is much better at blocking blue light than a reflective lens.

    Discover the product

  • optoVision is expanding its position in the market, as evidenced by its first place award as the best German eyeglass lens supplier for the second time.

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Vision Company is the partner
of the independant optician.

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Vision Company chooses to work exclusively with innovative and authentic brands. Here you can find the eyewear collections of the brands Monoqool, Munic and TAVAT.

Optical glasses

Vision Company exclusively delivers German quality. To ensure this quality, we partner with optoVision. In 2016 and 2018, they were chosen as number 1 in Germany.

Ludovic takes us on a journey into his story about lunettes-sur-mesure and immerses us in the TAVAT collection. - Lunetier Ludovic

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