Optical lenses

Optical lenses are a solution for people who do not have clear near vision, distance vision or both. We also call them corrective lenses. Search for your problem under the section ‘Correcting vision’.

Optical lenses can be an answer for all sorts of ailments, even for people who generally have good vision. They are non-prescription lenses that come with specific filters, coatings or materials to solve your eye problem or discomfort. Search for your solution under the section ‘Protecting your eyes’.

Are you an optician and would you like to learn more about our lenses? You can use our filter to search specifically for different types of lenses and their features. 

Discover the path of optoVision’s eyeglass lenses here.

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Correcting vision

Corrective lenses are a solution for people with blurry visionBy grinding a prescription value into the lens, we correct the problem and return the person’s eyesight to optimum levels.

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Protecting your eyes

Protective lenses prevent or avoid things like blue light, cataracts, macular degeneration and bright sunlight, etc. They also provide a soothing effect for eye problems.

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Lens maintenance

Every person who wears glasses hates those common problems of wearing glasses: foggy or dirty lenses, scratches on the lens and broken lens, etc. Put an end to those problems now!

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Daily life

In our daily lives, we experience many discomforts: bright sunlight, night-blindness, tired eyes, regular glasses that are uncomfortable when playing sports. Discover the possibilities.

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