Corrective lenses

Our eyes can suffer from all sorts of minor abnormalities: an eyeball that is too long or too short, or diminishing elasticity of the eye muscle, etc. These minor abnormalities cause our vision to be blurry. Corrective lenses correct these abnormalities so that we can see clearly again.

You can also choose a specific feature by adding filters, coatings and other materials to the corrective lenses.

I can’t see well close up

I have a lot of difficulty reading the newspaper, my magazine or the mail. Everything that is close up is blurry, even though I can see objects that are far away very clearly.

I can’t see well far away

I can’t see the traffic signs, TV, or the whiteboard at school well and it is becoming more difficult to recognize someone’s face at a distance. Objects that are far away are blurry, even though I can see objects that are close up very clearly.

I wear glasses for long/short-sightedness and I am seeing distorted images through my lens

Do you see these distortions mostly along the edges? Do images look stretched or distorted in those areas?

My single vision glasses no longer work well

Do you wear reading glasses but far-away objects are also blurry now? Do you wear glasses for distance vision but you can no longer see close-up objects clearly? Are you over the age of 40?

I can’t find any glasses with progressive lenses for my very strong prescription

I have a very strong prescription and I would like aesthetically pleasing glasses with progressive lenses.

I simply cannot adapt to my progressive lenses

Did you used to have a half moon in your lens that you used for reading? Do you now have progressive lenses with a transitional area?

I simply cannot adapt to my progressive lenses

Would you prefer to take your glasses off? Do you have the constant feeling that it is harder for you to estimate the depth of something? Do you have headaches and/or do you feel a little dizzy or queasy?

My progressive lenses do not offer sufficient comfort

Do you work on the computer every day? Do you have a large screen?

I have impaired vision

Do you have very poor vision due to a congenital disorder or that came on later? Would you like to make the most of your remaining eyesight?

I have tired, stinging and watery eyes, as well as headaches

Do you generally experience this problem while working with a computer?

I have tired, stinging and watery eyes, as well as headaches

Are you experiencing these problems due to a congenital eye disorder that you are aware of, or due to eye surgery?

I have tired, stinging and watery eyes as well headaches

Do these problems mainly occur while you are studying?

I have tired, stinging and watery eyes as well headaches

Is it the brightness of the sun/light that makes your eyes sting and sometimes causes headaches? Do you need quality sunglasses?

I suffer from migraines

Do you suffer from migraines, a sudden throbbing headache on one side of your head?

I am night-blind

Whenever it gets dark, I am blinded by the lights of oncoming cars.

I don’t see clearly while driving if it is raining or foggy.

Do you feel insecure in the rain or fog? Would a little extra contrast make a world of difference?

I need a comfortable sport frame on correction

Are you a cyclist, runner, beach-volleyball player, or do you participate in water sports and others? Do you despise wearing your everyday glasses when working out or playing sports?

I am looking for (prescription) glasses to participate in winter or water sports

Snow and water reflect all the light. Do you want to avoid that glare?

My child is careless with his or her glasses

I want unbreakable glasses for my child.

My lenses are too thick

I want lenses that are as thin and aesthetic as possible.

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