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It’s no fun. You cannot predict when you will have a migraine. A migraine can fully disrupt your plans. The only solution? Sleep in a dark room? Not anymore! Now, prevent migraines with Care lenses. Those who reduce their exposure to blue light are less likely to have migraines. Read about all the specifications below:


optoVision care products block up to 420 nm of harmful blue UV light in the lens itself. Just like the Formula Drive lenses, the material (plastic) of the lens itself contains a UV filter.

This lens is available for just about any type of single-vision or multifocal prescription. Anti-reflective coating can also be added.

The Care lenses are also very effective for people who suffer from night blindness.  Are you an avid driver?  Then be sure to choose an extra pair of Formula 2 Drive lenses.  These have a modified glass design with the emphasis on the intermediate and far-away views.  

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