A monumental task

Driving is a monumental task: rain, fog, snow, being blinded by bright XENON headlights and so forth.

A scientific study carried out among 1000 motorists shows that 42% of the participants has difficulty seeing well in the dark. (32% of the men and 55% of the women). Furthermore, one second of being blinded while driving 100 km/hour is equivalent to driving blind for 28.78 m.

The below lenses ensure that you will be more confident when you get in your car and that you will be able to drive comfortably once again. Let’s go!

These treatments are available for most single-vision and multifocal lenses. Would you like to learn more about these lenses? Go to the section on single-vision and/or progressive lenses to see the difference between the various types of single-vision and multifocal lenses.

Formula 2 Drive

The human eye is highly sensitive to glare, particularly in traffic where the lighting conditions frequently change. The lights from oncoming cars cause us ‘momentary blindness’. During that state of blindness, millions of rods and cones in our retinas are overexposed. That blindness reduces our concentration, which significantly slows down our reaction time.  Besides momentary blindness, nyctalopia or night-blindness is also a danger to you and to traffic safety.

Formula 2 Drive overcomes this night-blindness and guarantees you better safety and more driving pleasure. 

The Formula 2 Drive lens is a symbiosis or correlation of three intrinsic parameters: 

  • The material (plastic) of the lens contains a UV filter. This filter blocks up to 420 nm of harmful Blue GT+ UV light. 
  • On the front, we use the i-Protection Blue GT+ (anti-glare technology). The i-Protection Blue GT+ reflects the blue light and enhances contrast and it greatly improves color vision
  • On the back we use low-flex-coating. This coating prevents light rays entering from the side (due to glare) so that they do not reach our eyes. 
  • Formula 2 Drive is available for just about every single-vision or progressive lens design.

A glass especially developed for use in traffic. After all, the lens design has been modified to focus on intermediate and distant vision.  

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