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Choosing optoVision eyeglass lenses is the right choice! 

We have an extensive range of single-vision lenses in stock for unbeatable net prices, both spherical and aspherical lenses, sunglasses and photochromic lenses, and small diameters for severe astigmatism. For the ultimate customer satisfaction, order today = delivery tomorrow.
We also have our product line for eyeglass wearers who want that little something extra or who have unique needs. Help your customers choose all the features they need to improve their vision even more based on our three medals: bronze, silver and gold.

Test lenses

As an optician, do you want to be objective when choosing a lens supplier? Request a couple of test lenses free of charge* so that you can feel the difference. After all, a customer in the hand is worth two in the bush.

Our strenghts:

  • Aesthetic coatings
  • Quality coatings
  • Flat lenses
  • Colors on palette

*offer only valid for opticians

Help your customers choose their lenses

We cover several questions when selecting glasses. It is almost like putting together a sandwich. General choices must be made about the type of lens and its features. These choices also involve multiple sub-choices. You will choose the lens type and design in this section.  

  1. Type of lens - single-vision, multifocal, sport or computer
    1. Lens design - gold, silver, bronze
  2.  Features
    1. The materials that the lens is made of
    2. Index or thickness
    3. Use or purpose (sun, driving or eye care, etc.)
    4. Anti-reflection or coating

Discover the road to your eyeglass lenses.

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