Photochromic lenses are lenses that get darker the more light there is. The lighter it is, the more your optical glasses turn into sunglasses. Some lenses only darken when outdoors, others will darken indoors as well. Learn about the different options below.

These photochromic lenses are available in most single-vision and progressive lenses or bifocals. Would you like to learn more about these lenses? Go to the section on single-vision and/or progressive lenses to see the difference between the various types of single-vision and progressive lenses.

ColorMatic IQ® 2

ColorMatic IQ® 2 lenses change color when exposed to UV light. They only get darker outside because most windows have an integrated UV filter. These lenses are available in brown and grey, and darken from 5% to 85%.

This is our private label and is therefore somewhat less expensive than Transitions® lenses but they are certainly not of lower quality. 

ColorMatic® IQ Sun 2

The ColorMatic® IQ Sun 2 lenses are also photochromic lenses, produced in-house at optoVision. The difference with the ColorMatic® IQ 2 lenses is the fact that these lenses already have a starting color of approximately 50%. Therefore, these lenses will be tinted, even in little or no sunlight. The lenses will get darker of course in lighter conditions.
These lenses are available in fashion brown, fashion green, fashion grey, contrast orange, contrast brown and contrast green. The base color of 50% will darken up to 90%.

Did you know?
A crocodile can adjust the color intensity of its scales. It can absorb more sun with dark scales. The scales will become lighter or darker, depending on what the crocodile feels like doing.


Transitions® lenses darken when exposed to UV light. These lenses are available in brown or grey and start with a color of 6% and darken to 88%. These lenses only darken when outside because most windows come with an integrated UV filter. This lens is a name brand and is not produced in-house at optoVision. 


The XTRActive™ lenses are also photochromic lenses, but they differ from Transitions® and ColorMatic® lenses. These lenses also get darker in visible light, even inside the house or the car. Our windows contain a UV filter that blocks the UV rays.

These lenses are available in grey, have a base color of approximately 11%, and darken up to 90% outside and up to 50% in the car or indoors. This lens is a brand name product; therefore, it is not produced in-house at optoVision.  


Drivewear® lenses are photochromic lenses that even darken when sitting in the front seat of your car. Thus, they darken when exposed to visible light. The lenses have a fixed tint of 68% and darken up to 85%. Drivewear® lenses are also polarized so that they block blinding glare on windscreens, cars, shopping windows, water and snow. They also enhance contrast in cloudy weather.

These lenses are not suitable for using at dusk or at night.

These lenses are available for practically all single-vision and progressive lenses.

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