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A bifocal lens is a more antiquated solution to combine distance vision and near vision. There is a small area at the bottom of the lens that is separated by a line from the rest of the lens. You can compare it to a ‘half-moon’ that is lying on its curved side. This area of the lens is used for reading. The lens is less aesthetically pleasing due to the visible line that separates the half-moon from the rest. The lens provides good vision for distance and near vision; however this lens does not contain any refraction for intermediate distances. Therefore, it is harder to see objects clearly that are 50 to 150 cm away.

The plastic, bifocal lenses are named Orgalit®, and the glass or mineral lenses have the name Optolux®. 

With these lenses, you can choose various indexes, materials and coatings. Different treatments can also be added: color, photochromic, polarized, eye care or driving.

Straight - Orgalit®

The bifocal lenses with a ‘straight’ segment are equipped with a ‘half-moon’ at the bottom for reading. This half-moon is straight at the top. The above bifocal glasses also have a ‘straight’ segment. 

Curved Orgalit® - Optolux®

The bifocal lenses with a ‘curved’ segment have a ‘half-moon’ for reading. This half-moon is curved on the top. 

The Curved lenses are the only bifocal lenses that are still available in mineral or glass.  

Vision Specials

Whether for unifocal, progressive or bifocal lenses, the 'Vision Specials range' can accommodate your extremely high strengths. To achieve the nicest results, a lenticular lens is often incorporated into the glass. A lenticular lens is generally recognisable by a 'dimple' in the glass. With our Specials range, this striking cavity in the glass is now a thing of the past. There will still be a height difference, however, it will be nicely adjusted to your chosen frame. We call it an "invisible" lenticular lens, as if it "fades away" into your frame. We are happy to tell you that we provide not only the best visual comfort, but also the most aesthetic solution.

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