Glass - Plastic -Trivex®

Eyeglass lenses come in different materials. The most common material is plastic. 

These materials are available for most single-vision and multifocal lenses. Would you like to learn more about these lenses? Go to the section for single-vision and/or progressive lenses to see the differences between the different types of single-vision and multifocal lenses.

Glass - Mineral

In the olden days, eyeglass lenses were only available in one type of material: glass. These lenses are also called mineral lenses. They don’t get dirty quite as quickly. The demand for this type of lens is mostly from the older generation who hang on to old habits. Optolux® is the name for optoVision lenses made of glass. 

Plastic - Polycarbonate

These days practically all lenses are made of plastic. There are a lot of advantages to plastic. One advantage: lenses don’t break as easily.

Orgalit® is the name of optoVision lenses made of plastic. 


Trivex® is a substance made of plastic, but is much stronger than regular plastic. It doesn’t break or crack. It is even used in windows for attack helicopters.

We can compare it to cups made of enamel. Just like the cups, the lenses will not break if you drop your glasses. 

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