Protecting our eyes

It is important to protect our eyes, both from a preventive and curative standpoint.  Even people who don’t normally need to wear glasses still protect their eyes.  This protection prevents us from having problems when we are older. We can compare it to what we do for our skin. We put on suntan lotion to prevent skin cancer when we are older.

For people who already wear corrective lenses, the step towards a corrective and protective lens should be much smaller. They already wear glasses and are more aware of how important their eyes are. 

I have tired, stinging and watery eyes, as well as headaches

Do you generally experience this problem while working with a computer?

I have tired, stinging and watery eyes, as well as headaches

Are you experiencing these problems due to a congenital eye disorder that you are aware of, or due to eye surgery?

I have tired, stinging and watery eyes as well headaches

Is it the brightness of the sun/light that makes your eyes sting and sometimes causes headaches? Do you need quality sunglasses?

I have tired, stinging and watery eyes as well headaches

Do these problems mainly occur while you are studying?

I am night-blind

Whenever it gets dark, I am blinded by the lights of oncoming cars.

I suffer from migraines

Do you suffer from migraines, a sudden throbbing headache on one side of your head?

I have impaired vision

Do you have very poor vision due to a congenital disorder or that came on later? Would you like to make the most of your remaining eyesight?

I suffer from glare on the road in the rain or the snow

Do you feel insecure in traffic when red and white lights are shining in all different directions? Are you distracted by all the glare from headlamps?

I am looking for (prescription) glasses to participate in winter or water sports

Snow and water reflect all the light. Do you want to avoid that glare?

I need a comfortable sport frame on correction

Are you a cyclist, runner, beach-volleyball player, or do you participate in water sports and others? Do you despise wearing your everyday glasses when working out or playing sports?

My child is careless with his or her glasses

I want unbreakable glasses for my child.

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