Our children...

They are so lively, playful and exuberant,... Wouldn’t we all like to return to our childhood days now and again... We all know that children sometimes fall, get into arguments or they unintentionally hit their brother or sister. 

And there you have it; the glasses end up on the ground.  

Orgalit® - Optolux®

Orgalit® lenses form the basis in the world of single-vision plastic – brand name products. Optolux® lenses are the only single-vision lenses that are still available in mineral or glass.

These lenses belong to the ‘bronze’ category and provide standard comfort


Trivex® is a substance made of plastic, but is much stronger than regular plastic. It doesn’t break or crack. It is even used in windows for attack helicopters.

We can compare it to cups made of enamel. Just like the cups, the lenses will not break if you drop your glasses. 

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