Kolor Blind

Solution for colour blind people through spectacle lenses

They do exist, glasses that let people with colour blindness see more colour.

With our Kolorblind lenses, we offer a solution for Deuteranomaly (lack of green cones) and Protanomaly (lack of red cones). However, a solution for Tritanomaly is not yet on the market.

The Kolorblind lenses allow people with colour blindness mentioned above to perceive 900,000 colour shades. Up to 3x as much as sufferers of this disorder are used to.

The lenses have a specific colour shade according to the type of daltonism: pink or violet. On top of that comes a blue mirror coating to make the lenses look like regular sunglasses. These lenses therefore absorb 100% of UVA and UVB rays for maximum sun protection.

Kolorblind lenses are available as both unifocal and progressive lenses. Best to wear them indoors for a maximum of 3 hours a day or outdoors on a grey day. In sunshine, you can wear them outdoors indefinitely.

Consult our shopfinder to find an optician in your area who has Kolor-Blind. They will be happy to guide you to choose the right Kolorblind lenses according to your type of Daltonism.

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