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Correcting vision.
Do you already wear glasses? Are you suffering from double or blurry vision? When working with digital equipment, our eyes continuously have to change positions; they have to change back and forth between long distances and short distances, and then turn inwards and then outwards. This puts a lot of strain on our eyes. It is perfectly possible to solve this problem with single-vision glasses or reading glasses as they are commonly referred to. However, indoor or computer lenses provide a much wider field of vision so that the whole screen is crisp and clear. This will not be the case with reading glasses. 

Protecting our eyes.
What’s more, all those digital screens expose us to ultraviolet light. Think about our smartphone, computer or laptop, TV, tablet and other devices. Whenever we expose our eyes to light for long periods of time, we run the long-term risk of damaging our retinas. Luckily, the ultimate solution is within reach. By choosing an extra filter in the materials for indoor lenses, this light will be blocked. The result?  Our eyes will be well protected against the blue UV light and will be less prone to permanent damage. Read all about the ‘care’ feature below.

Indoor® Fit Orgalit®

Just like the Indoor® 4.0 lenses, these lenses offer additional comfort for working at close range and at screen distance.  These lenses also guarantee a sharp vision of up to 4m and are thus ideal for teachers, desk clerks, office workers...

The perfect complement to progressive lenses.

As with the Indoor® 4.0 lenses, Indoor® Fit lenses are produced with the Freeform grinding technique.  Thanks to the digital optimisation of the lens design, we achieve identical fields of vision regardless of the dioptre.

They differ from the Indoor® 4.0 lenses in that only the individual parameter “pupil distance” is taken into account.  In this way, the lenses are optimised.  The ‘Near Vision ID’ option (improvement of near vision up to 40%) is also not possible with these lenses. 

You can choose the optimal setting for your lenses: book, PC or room. Or you can choose your individual most important viewing distance.

These lenses belong to the “gold” category and provide Premium comfort.

Indoor® + Orgalit®

The Indoor® + lenses are also ideal for both reading and computer screen distance. Ideal vision will be achieved when measuring eyesight for a working distance of 80 cm. This will give you a wider field of vision at computer screen distance than reading glasses do.

Therefore, this lens belongs to the ‘silver’ category and provides super comfort to the wearer.

When ordering, specify the correction for near vision activities. The decrease in diopter will be 0.8 or 1.5.


optoVision care products block up to 420 nm of harmful blue UV light in the lens itself. Just like the Formula Drive lenses, the material (plastic) of the lens itself contains a UV filter.

This lens is available for just about any type of single-vision or multifocal prescription. Anti-reflective coating can also be added.

The Care lenses are also very effective for people who suffer from night blindness.  Are you an avid driver?  Then be sure to choose an extra pair of Formula 2 Drive lenses.  These have a modified glass design with the emphasis on the intermediate and far-away views.  

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