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Do you despise the glare from the sun on the water? Or is the ski slope too bright due to the reflective light? Have you had enough and would you like to be comfortable when skiing, snowboarding and participating in water sports?  If so, choose polarized sunglasses. These lenses gets rid of all the glare and give you perfect contrast.

Do you normally not wear glasses? No problem! You can choose non-prescription single-vision (Orgalit) lenses with an additional Polalit filter. This filter will block all the glare. 

Do you wear glasses for distance vision, near vision or both? Consider our special sports lenses with an additional Polalit filter. 


Polalit sunglass lenses block all glare from every reflection on the water and snow. These lenses also enhance contrast.  This Polalit filter is available in the following colors:

  • brown 78%
  • grey 83%
  • green 85%

Orgalit® - Optolux®

Orgalit® lenses form the basis in the world of single-vision plastic – brand name products. Optolux® lenses are the only single-vision lenses that are still available in mineral or glass.

These lenses belong to the ‘bronze’ category and provide standard comfort

Sport Orgalit®

Sport Orgalit® lenses also provide every wearer who has poor distance vision, near vision, or blurry vision, with vision comfort while training or playing sports. These lenses are produced using conventional grinding and polishing technology, unlike the Optosport® lenses that are described above.

These lenses provide standard comfort during sporting activities and belong to the ‘bronze’ category.

We achieve this comfort level by taking individual parameters into consideration such as the vertex and the curvature of the frames.

O'Sport® 60 Orgalit®

O'Sport® 60 lenses are tailored progressive lenses for sports eyewear. We ensure a larger field of vision for distance vision at O'Sport® than for our regular progressive lenses. They are optimized for distance and intermediate vision.

The lenses are produced using the freeform grinding and polishing technology, which ensures an identical field of vision for both eyes, regardless of the prescription strength (via digital optimization).
We also ensure clear vision of moving objects right up to the periphery or edge of the lens. This is achieved by considering the Listing’s Law.

In this way, the O'Sport® 60 lens is a custom cut lens with personalized vision and premium comfort. 

We were able to achieve this highly increased level of comfort by considering the following parameters: pupil distance, vertex, tilt and curvature (up to 25°) of the frames.

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