We can actually compare eyeglass lenses to the structure of a bridge.

People with + prescription strengths (or people who wear glasses for near vision) must see the convex shape of the bridge, thus the translucent area. The convex area is situated on the outside of your eyeglass lenses. 

People with – prescription strengths (or people who wear glasses for distance vision) must see the concave shape in the bridge, thus the structure. The concave area is situated on the outside area of your eyeglass lenses.  


When you wear glasses with a plus prescription strength, the lens can get very thick. People then think their lenses are too thick and they don’t like them. The higher the plus strength, the thicker the lenses. The thickness of the lens is mainly in the middle.

  • By choosing a lens with a higher index (for example 1.6 instead of 1.5) the middle thickness of the lenses will decrease in size. Therefore, it is better to choose the highest index for the thinnest lenses possible.
  • Further, for high plus prescription values it is not only important to pay attention to the index, but also to the diameter. For the thinnest lens, choose the smallest diameter and the highest index. Therefore, don’t choose very big frames.

In case of minus prescription strengths, the thickest part of the lens is the outer edge. You only need to pay attention to a higher index. The diameter is less important in this case. Therefore, feel free to choose any frames you like!


Our lenses are available in indexes 1.5 to 1.74.

Your optician can assist you with the right choice. He or she can calculate the middle thickness of your lenses using the different indexes for your prescription strength.

Do you know? Do you remember grandma with her thick glasses? In those days, you could not choose a higher index. 

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