Are objects far away blurry or not clearly visible even though objects close up are sharp and clear? Can you no longer read what’s on the whiteboard or see the TV? Is your child always at the front of the class or too close to the TV screen? Do you also have trouble following a film at the cinema? Do you also experience problems with reading traffic signs or license plates when in traffic? Do you suffer from the following symptoms: headaches, tired eyes and squinting? These symptoms are perfectly normal and are identical to the symptoms suffered by people who are long-sighted (blurry vision close up). However, you have the opposite problem. You are shortsighted, in other words you suffer from myopia.

The solution?
Just like people who are long-sighted, your problem can be resolved with single-vision glasses. Instead of positive strength lenses for reading glasses, we will use negative strength prescription lenses in this case.  Below is our product line of single-vision lenses.

Would you also like optimum prevention against harmful blue light emitted by all sorts of digital screens and the sun? Opt for an Orgalit (Premium) lens with the ‘care’ feature.

Do you also suffer from night-blindness? Choose the Orgalit (Premium) Formula Drive lens.

Orgalit® Premium

These lenses are known for their precise image quality all the way to the edge or periphery of the lens. This feature definitely adds value to these lenses for the dynamic glasses wearer. 

These lenses are made using freeform cutting technology, which guarantees natural sight (through optimization based on the position of the lenses on the face) and an identical field of vision for both eyes (regardless of different strengths and thanks to digital optimization).
We are also able to create a highly tailored lens by considering the individual parameters, such as pupil distance, vertex and curvature of the frames.

Therefore, these lenses belong to the ‘gold’ category and they provide premium comfort

Orgalit® AS

They provide optimum vision up to the periphery or edge, just like the Orgalit® Premium lenses. However, they do not consider any individual optimization parameters. We do consider those parameters with the Orgalit® Premium lens, which provides a more comfortable lens.

These lenses belong to the ‘silver’ category and provide super comfort. 

Orgalit® - Optolux®

Orgalit® lenses form the basis in the world of single-vision plastic – brand name products. Optolux® lenses are the only single-vision lenses that are still available in mineral or glass.

These lenses belong to the ‘bronze’ category and provide standard comfort


optoVision care products block up to 420 nm of harmful blue UV light in the lens itself. Just like the Formula Drive lenses, the material (plastic) of the lens itself contains a UV filter.

This lens is available for just about any type of single-vision or multifocal prescription. Anti-reflective coating can also be added.

We recommend the Formula Drive lens for people who also suffer from night-blindness. The lens is made of the same material and specific coatings have been added to enhance contrast and improve color vision. For optimum vision for those who suffer from night-blindness. 

Formula Drive

The human eye is highly sensitive to glare, particularly in traffic where the lighting conditions frequently change. The lights from oncoming cars cause us ‘momentary blindness’. During that state of blindness, millions of rods and cones in our retinas are overexposed. That blindness reduces our concentration, which significantly slows down our reaction time.  Besides momentary blindness, nyctalopia or night-blindness is also a danger to you and to traffic safety.

Formula Drive overcomes this night-blindness and guarantees you better safety and more driving pleasure. 

The Formula Drive lens is a symbiosis or correlation of three intrinsic parameters: 

  • The material (plastic) of the lens contains a UV filter. This filter blocks up to 420 nm of harmful blue UV light. 
  • On the front, we use the i-Protection blue GT (anti-glare technology). The i-Protection blue reflects the blue light and enhances contrast and it greatly improves color vision
  • On the back we use low-flex-coating. This coating prevents light rays entering from the side (due to glare) so that they do not reach our eyes. 
  • Formula Drive is available for just about every single-vision or progressive lens design.

This lens is also a great solution for people with cataracts, people who are sensitive to light (after surgery) and others. The lens is made of the same materials as the care lenses. The difference is the coating. We use iProtection blue Glare technology for Formula Drive, which enhances contrast and improves color vision. 

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