Do different opticians keep telling you the same story? No sir, no madam, we don’t have any progressive or multifocal lenses for you. Your prescription is too strong. We can only offer you two separate pairs of glasses, one for distance vision and one for near vision...

Vision Company and optoVision are here to offer you a solution for your strong prescription. We will be happy to help you with the O'Design + and O'Design.

Would you also like optimum preventive protection for your eyes against harmful blue light emitted from all sorts of digital screens and the sun? Choose the O'Design +/- with iProtection Blue GT anti-reflective coating. 

O'Design® You + / - Orgalit®

O'Design® You +/- lenses have all the same advantages as the O'Design® You. They are progressive lenses that provide the best technological advances and simplicity at the same time. The lens is tailor-made with individualized vision.  

These lenses are produced using the freeform grinding and polishing technology, thus guaranteeing natural vision (via optimization that considers the positioning of the frames) and an identical field of vision for both eyes (regardless of different prescription strengths and thanks to digital optimization).
What’s more, one individual parameter is taken into consideration, the pupil distance.  This results in ideal vision because the individual nodes of the wearer are taken into account. 
Of course, there is also a difference. The O'Design® +/- lenses are for people with extremely strong high or low prescriptions. The lenses will also be much more aesthetically pleasing.

These lenses also belong to the ‘gold’ category and provide the same premium comfort

i-Protection® Blue GT

The i-Protection® Blue GT is comprised of 11 different layers, just like the NT HT. Together, they form the strongest coatings available in our product line.

There are some differences here as well: the Blue® GT has a blue aesthetic rest reflex. What’s more, these lenses reflect to about 420 nm of harmful blue light.

Warranty = 3 years

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