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Visual measurements are not enough to make the perfect eyeglass lenses. You must also clearly define the precise location where the eye looks through the lens. The VET tower analyses all relevant parameters between the new frames and the necessary adjustments to fit the location of the eyes to ensure optimum orientation and placement of the new lenses. In our professional jargon, we call this procedure the alignment. The collected information is used for producing the lenses to ensure the best quality of vision.

The tower works by taking pictures. Frames are first selected via the PC that is connected to the VET or the customer puts on the frames he has chosen. The customer then faces the tower at arm’s length. The recording block is moved up or down until the eyes and the frames are in full view on the PC. The customer is then asked to look at his nose in the mirror and a picture is taken.

The photo is then used to determine the position for centering the pupils as well as the edge of the lenses. The photo is also used to determine the horizontal position of the frames. The photo automatically shows a preselection, which can then be manually adjusted. The 'lens consulting' tool provides the powerful capability to suggest different single-vision, progressive and sport lenses to the customer, as well as the different coatings and colors.

Since the VET has different cameras, a picture is taken from both the front and the side. Therefore, the customer does not have to turn to the side to have a picture taken from the side. This ensures that the customer remains in the same position in order to prevent any faulty measurements.

The Vision Excellence Tower is an aesthetics measurement tower that collects all the necessary information in a single photo. The photo can be forwarded to a regular computer or it can be stored until the end of the day so that all orders can be sent out at the same time. 

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