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Choosing a pair of glasses is a physical activity. You can feel them, try them on and look at them. They are something you can touch.  Choosing lenses on the other hand is an abstract activity. It is no easy task for an optician to explain all the different designs to the customer. Customers often feel that they have no idea what they are getting beforehand when it comes to lenses.

With the optoVision Virtual Reality glasses, we solve that problem once and for all. Your customer puts on the glasses while you, the optician, have the iPad in hand and you assist your customer.  We ask the customer to turn the wheel until he or she can see well. After that, it is your turn to choose a setting or environment, such as the garden. You first show the effects with single vision glasses: “Look far away and then look close up”. Conclusion: your customer will tell you that he can only see clearly at one distance. The solution? Glasses with progressive lenses. Now, choose a progressive design on the iPad, making sure you show all of them to your customer.  In this way, your customer can feel which progressive design he or she is most comfortable with. Dotted lines are not used for showing which areas of the lens are blurry; the customer physically sees which areas are actually blurry. Therefore, the customer sees what he gets. Guaranteed you will sell a lens with a more comfortable design. 

You also have the option to display different computer screen designs, the effects of Formula Drive, and the effects of polarized sunglasses. From now on, you will sell a value-added lens without having the feeling you are making your customers pay too much for what they ultimately want.

Choosing the right lenses will now be a reality.  

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