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With the i'Syncro 3D we are taking eye refraction to a whole new dimension.

Refraction has been undergoing the same process for more than 80 years: you first cover one eye and then the other eye. Let’s be honest – that is definitely not a real-life situation. The refraction process remains the same with the i’Syncro, only the tool is a lot trendier and contemporary. You can carry out the whole 3D refraction process step-by-step using a 3D TV, the iPad, the Apple TV and the i’Syncro app that is installed on the Apple TV and the iPad. What’s more, you can also measure refractions to determine night vision.

These are the advantages compared to the conventional way of measuring refraction:

  • Natural refraction with both eyes open (ideal for people with a lazy eye)
  • Color makes the refraction much more true-to-life
  • Test is done under stereoscopic conditions 
  • Comfortable situation: customer is seated
  • Capitalizes on the experience and feels less like a medical exam
  • Person who assists the customer can also put on 3D glasses, which creates the right atmosphere for more discussion, thus increasing the likelihood of creating a need for this customer. 

Many people will think that this is an I’Pro tool. In reality, i’Syncro was developed by Pasman and Kalda (Paskal). optoVision has worked with Paskal to modify the program to meet individual needs. This is how optoVision has developed its own version of the program.

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